Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Welcome Aboard 21

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Here is the first Strange Cargo strip that I actually drew. I drew it about two months ago but felt that the story needed to be fleshed out before this scene actually took place. The image above is the redo for the actual strip. It was redrawn directly over the original (see below). This was then redrawn, inked and lettered in Manga Studio, and colored in Photoshop. Originally the strip was going to be inked in Toon Boom Studio but the line didn't really turn out the way I thought it should.

The image below is the original penciled image, re-inked in Manga studio, as well as using the MS4 template that I created after I purchased the program (and over a month into the strip!).
The original version.

As you can see Miguel changed the least and Moira the most.

FYI I have also started leaving the images at the original size, but lowered the dpi to 96. This seems to be a standard amongst the webcomics that I follow.

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